Praying for healing

I’m finding it hard to rationalise praying for healing. My argument isn’t so much that ‘prayer seems useless when God already knows what to do and will do what he deems is best anyway’ but rather, if we are going to pray for healing, why not pray for world peace, for immortality, for no pain or sickness — even better still, why not pray for a good and easy life for everyone; for our sinful natures to not exist and for perpetual good times?

Prayer is supposed to be miraculous intervention after all, so why are we constantly ‘limiting’ ourselves to praying about our daily problems? Why not think big and pray for the ‘cure-all’ — deal with the problem at its root?

It seems that any argument that one can posit against such ‘lofty’ prayers can also be equally posited at ‘small’ prayers like praying for specific needs of specific individuals.

Of course I’m not saying I won’t pray for healing. If praying for myself, it stems from fear and from want to alleviate my own suffering. But then my prayers stem purely from my own selfishness. And if I don’t think I should pray for myself, it becomes even more awkward when asking others to pray for me.


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